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Use your natural environment for the reflection process

Monio g. 49a, Daugirdiškės 21343, Lithuania

Use your natural environment for the reflection process

Monio g. 49a, Daugirdiškės 21343, Lithuania
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Look around and evaluate your outdoor environment. Use any of the materials (including from the meadow and the forest) you find to produce a method to visualise your reflection results. The bigger group is divided into smaller groups and each group picks-up one of the reflection questions:

1 How do I feel in the group NOW? 2 How comfortable do people feel in the group at now? 3 What is my role in the group? 4 How far did I meet my learning goals in this training? 5 To what extent has my thinking changed about facilitation of reflection? 6 What is my emotional state now?

Then people shoot a 1-minute one take video to present the method to others.

We used the following session for reflection, but if you would like to include it in the same session consider following questions:
  • what was the process of decision-making?
  • how did you connect the surroundings with the question?
  • how much the existing environment was supporting your creativity in method creation? How much was it limiting?
  • what ideas did you take from the methods created by others?


  • Tips on facilitating learning outdoors

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This badge is issued for exploring the surounding environment and creating a method of reflection with the team of peer learners. The team had a task to create a method, record a video and reflect on the experience. Badge is issued based on the self-assessment of the provided evidence.
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Describe what was the method for reflection which you created with your team?


Monio g. 49a, Daugirdiškės 21343, Lithuania

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ESCO#stimulating creativity in the team
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