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Co-design pathways: create activities on Cities of Learning platform

Co-design pathways: create activities on Cities of Learning platform

This badge is issued for creating and publishing at least one activity on the Cities of Learning platform. The activity can be an event, internship, volunteering, digital experience, project, open space, course or workshop.

To create and publish an activity, earners of this badge followed thesed steps:
  1. Thought of passions, interests and needs of learners.
  2. Considered the best activities that learners can undertake to gain skills needed for their present and future learning, civic engagement and careers.
  3. Decided if they want activities to be publicly accessible by anyone or offered them only to targeted audiences.
  4. Extended activities with additional content and resources online.
  5. Add 1 to 3 clear steps on what learners should do and what they can learn and gain by accomplishing an activity.
  6. Prepared learners for adding some evidence of learning.

The Network of Cities of Learning promotes, offers and endorses this badge.
Task no.1
Evidence verified by: one activity organiser
Follow steps to design and create an activity leading to new learning, civic engagement and career pathways in your city or region. Share a link to published activity or at least a print screen of a draft version of it or worksheet with your ideas for an activity. Share your thoughts about designing and creating an activity:
  1. What was the most straightforward/challenging part of this task?
  2. What did you discover while using the Cities of Learning platform?
  3. What support do you need to publish and promote your activity in your city or region?
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Co-design pathways: create activities on Cities of Learning platform
Co-design learning, civic and career pathways in Cities of Learning
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