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Everyone is visible… almost everywhere and always. It's about what you do with your visibility. Have your visibility under control and actively curate your personal »brand« yourself. 

The holder of this badge has worked on:
  • creation of a personal mission statement;
As a result, the skill 'managing reputation and identity in a world full of connections' is being worked on.

The holder of this badge has worked independently and in collaboration with peers at the Make yourself known skill zone of the Global Youth Skills competence framework from Institute for the Future.

How the holder of this badge worked on these skills can be seen in the evidence in this badge. International youth work trainers have assessed the completed tasks.
Task no.1
Evidence verified by: one activity organiser
Have you heard of the Japanese concept »Ikigai«? Some people describe it as »a motivating force; something or someone that gives a person a sense of purpose, a reason for living«. Personal purpose cannot be found overnight, you can shorely start exploring it. How? Start with »Why«.

Watch The Golden Circle from Simon Sinek and explore the concept of a »golden circle«. Then take time and form your own mission statement based on a personal mission statement.
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