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Erasmus+ opportunities

Informing about Youth Exchanges

People in this workshop will be informed about youth exchanges. Participants will be informed about:

  • Objectives and Goals: Define the overarching objectives of youth exchanges, such as promoting cultural understanding, fostering personal development, enhancing intercultural communication skills, and building international networks.

  • Participant Selection and Recruitment: Discuss strategies for recruiting diverse participants who represent different backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives. Consider how to ensure inclusivity and equal opportunities for all interested youth.Program Design and Activities: Explore effective program design elements, including the duration, structure, and content of youth exchanges. Discuss various types of activities, workshops, and cultural experiences that can be incorporated to achieve the program's objectives.

  • Logistics and Practical Considerations: Address logistical aspects such as budgeting, funding sources, accommodation, transportation, insurance, visas, and safety measures. Ensure that participants understand the practicalities involved in participating in a youth exchange.

  • Cross-Cultural Learning and Communication: Examine strategies for promoting cross-cultural learning and effective communication among participants from different cultural backgrounds. Discuss potential challenges and ways to overcome cultural barriers.
Task no.1
Issued by organiser or scanning QR code
Participate in activity.

After the end of the activity time will be given for questions coming from the participants. Also at the same time there will be reflection groups between the participants where people will have the chance to speak a bit more about the information that they received through small groups chatting.

Participants as well will have to answer in given questions that will be made from the speakers that they shared their knowledge. Some of the questions will be:
What are the main objectives of youth exchanges in Erasmus+?
  • How do these objectives align with the broader goals of the Erasmus+ program?Describe the importance of diversity and inclusivity in youth exchanges.
  • How can youth exchanges contribute to promoting cultural understanding and respect for diversity?
    • Explain the role of non-formal learning and experiential learning methodologies in youth exchanges. Provide examples of non-formal learning activities that can be implemented during exchange programs.
    • How can participants develop these skills through cross-cultural interactions and experiences?
    • What criteria should be considered when selecting participants, and how can inclusivity be ensured?
    At the end certificates will be given to the participants for their participation to this workshop.
    Also participants will participate on a Kahoot activity that we will create in order for the activity to be more interactive and people will improve their digital skills.
    Reflection groups in small groups discussing about the information given.


    #arrange youth activities
    #assess the development of youth
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