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Erasmus+ opportunities

Informing about training courses

A presentation about training courses with the youth of Komotini will take place where young people will be informed by experts about training courses and how they are able to participate, what are some details that they need to focus and at the end they will be reflection groups where participants will discuss more details about the receiving information in small groups. Also people will be able to learn more about cities of learning platform and why is it useful.

Types of Training Courses: Provide an overview of the different types of training courses available through Erasmus+, including seminars, workshops, conferences, study visits, and job shadowing opportunities. Explain the focus areas and target audiences for each type of training course.

Objectives and Learning Outcomes: Discuss the overarching objectives of training courses in Erasmus+, such as promoting professional development, enhancing skills and competencies, fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, and facilitating cooperation and networking among participants.

Relevance to Participants: Highlight the relevance and benefits of participating in Erasmus+ training courses for individuals, organizations, and institutions. Explain how training courses can contribute to personal and professional growth, career advancement, organizational capacity building, and internationalization efforts.Application and

Selection Process: Provide guidance on how to apply for Erasmus+ training courses, including eligibility criteria, application deadlines, and required documents. Explain the selection criteria used by the National Agencies or other relevant authorities to assess and select participants for training courses.

Logistics and Practicalities: Address logistical considerations such as travel arrangements, accommodation, visa requirements, insurance coverage, and financial support available for participants attending training courses. Provide tips and advice on how to prepare for the training experience and make the most out of it.
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Participate in activity.

After the end of the activity time will be given for questions coming from the participants. Also at the same time there will be reflection groups between the participants where people will have the chance to speak a bit more about the information that they received through small groups chatting.

Participants as well will have to answer in given questions that will be made from the speakers that they shared their knowledge. Some of the questions will be:

What are the main objectives of training courses in Erasmus+? How do these objectives align with the broader goals of the Erasmus+ program?

How do these training courses contribute to the professional development of participants?

Explain the application and selection process for Erasmus+ training courses. What criteria are used to assess and select participants, and how can individuals prepare strong applications?

Discuss the relevance and benefits of participating in Erasmus+ training courses for personal and professional growth. How do training courses contribute to enhancing skills, competencies, and career opportunities?

Also participants will participate on a Kahoot activity that we will create in order for the activity to be more interactive and people will improve their digital skills.

Reflection groups


Informing about training courses
Erasmus+ opportunities
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