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Minotaur who?


Minotaur who?



In the Labyrinth on the island of Crete, the Minotaur lived: a man with the head and tail of a bull. Every nine years, King Minos demanded seven Athenian men and seven Athenian maidens be given to the Minotaur as sacrifices.

Theseus was a brave Athenian youth who put himself forward as one of the tributes. Theseus and the other tributes then travelled to Crete and were thrown in the Labyrinth, the palace of the Minotaur. When Theseus arrived on Crete, Ariadne, the daughter of King Minos, clapped eyes on him and promptly fell in love with the Athenian youth. She gave him a ball of thread so he could find his way out of the Labyrinth: as he weaved his way through its various corridors he would unravel the thread on the floor beneath him, allowing him to retrace his journey back out of the maze.

A ball of thread is known as a clue or, in an alternative spelling, a clue. To this day, we talk about following the ‘clues’ to discover something, and it’s all thanks to the story of Theseus and Ariadne’s thread.

Unfortunately, after Ariadne had helped him to accomplish his task and the pair had travelled to the island of Naxos, Theseus abandoned her. But at the end she ended up with god Dionysus.

During this escape game you will go through variety of activities and tasks in order to get some knowledge and skills and learn how to involve their skills, knowledge and tradition. Theseus was not only a brave man, but a man who had skills and was able to learn through this process. That’s what will happen with the participants as well. They are not only brave for bringing themselves into this challenger but they will become better as well.

Starting point will be the entrance of the folklore museum where people will find a QR code where they will get details where to go.

Mission 1: When Ariadne saw Theseus immediately, she felt in love with him. So, she started thinking of a way to get him out of the labyrinth. Taking into consideration that Theseus used a ball of thread that Ariadne did for him, you should find one item that helped her create it. It is not too far away from you, so be careful. After you find it, close to it there is going to be one QR code in which would be more details about the next mission.

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Sacrifice yourself
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#colaborar con los usuarios de los servicios sociales
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