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#5 First things first


#5 First things first



To live a balanced life it is important to know what you want to do and for what in your life you will not make time. To know what your highest priorities are and when you need to say no to something. It means that you live your life by following what is most important for you and what will get you towards the goals that you have set. 

*So what are the first things? * First things are those that personally for you are the most worthy. When you are putting first things first you are managing your life in a way that you have set during #4 Visioning learning.
Decide which items in life or the tasks that you have to do are not-important, important, urgent or not-urgent. The most effective way of living is to live mostly in the field not ‘urgent - important’

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The holder of this badge has been working on the skill Managing Learning which contains the planning, organising, monitoring and reviewing of one’s own learning by defining an achievement that needs to be done in a year. Specifically has been worked at (L3.2) Planning learning goals, strategies, resources and processes.

This Managing Learning badge is part of the LifeComp, the European framework for Personal, Social and Learning to Learn Key Competence.
The holder of this badge has worked independently at awareness at putting first things first worksheet. In collaboration with peers has been worked at the sociocultural context of this competence during the international Leadership Volume 1 training course from the project Youth co-design Cities of Learning.

How the holder of this badge worked on these skills can be seen in the evidence in this badge. International youth workers have assessed the completed tasks.
first things first - worksheet example

Task no. 1
Evidence verified by: One activity organiser
Use the First things first-worksheet for your learning, civic and career pathway for the next year. Choose carefully what activities during your learning, civic and career pathways will be in the quadrant necessity, effective, distraction and waste. It would be good to talk with peers or a mentor about your first things first-worksheet to get feedback at it. Then start planning to let the Quadrant Effectiveness lead your learning path for your civic and career life.



#plan learning
#ensure effective timekeeping
Personal development
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