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Pathway to Personal Leadership


Pathway to Personal Leadership



Habits are a big part of your life, about 40 % of your actions are habits. What if you would become aware of your habits and make conscious decisions instead of doing things automatically without thinking if it is an effective behaviour or not. A habit can be something small like taking a coffee every morning when you wake up, but it can also be more complicated as not taking action to change something that you don’t feel comfortable with. These habits are not just there, they grow step by step until they become second nature. This can be very helpful because when something becomes a second nature, the action doesn’t take a lot of energy anymore. Though it is very annoying when the habit is not effective for your well being. 

Do you want to have influence at what happens in your own life and in your surroundings? By living the 7 habits of highly effective people, a method developed by Steven Covey, you will become better in achieving the things that you appreciate most in life and you will become more effective in living the personal and career life that you want. This playlist is inspired by Steven Covey’s work. It will support you in creating habits that are useful. 

To create useful habits or to change disruptive habits, it is important to understand who you are, what works best for you, and having a life vision. #1 is an activity that gives you a method to change a habit. In activity #2 you can learn about world views and worldview shifts, this will help you to be open for opinions and vision of other people. And #3 will give you more awareness of the importance of being proactive because this will support you in getting things done. #4 and #5 will guide you to decide your goal and what needs to be done first and not get lost in minor activities that are distracting you from your goal. In this learning playlist you will work mostly to be a leader in getting your own things done. But first things first, start with activities in this playlist.

Watch and be inspired by Youtube artist NickyTutorials when she decides to take back influence at her life during blackmail by sharing to the world that she is transgender. She became aware about her habits, was proactive within the area where she could influence to feel free again.

This learning playlist is for everybody that can benefit from it, though it is specially designed for young people who are taking part in the Youth Pathways to Leadership course Volume 1, within the project Cities of Learning, Youth co-design learning, civic and career pathways. It will support you in recognising what for you is needed to be a proactive lead learner or role model for your peers. This learning playlist will support you in understanding what you personally need to do to achieve what you want for your community, and you will create a plan to get things done.

Participants of these activities can earn badges that belong to LifeComp, the European framework for Personal, Social and Learning to Learn Key Competence. 
Specifically the competences: 
  • Self regulation
  • Flexibility
  • Empathy
  • Growth mindset
  • Managing learning
This learning playlist is the opportunity to get your learning acknowledged in European wide recognised open badges.

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Activities to complete

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#1 Tiny habits
1 hour
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#ensure effective timekeeping
#plan learning
#personality development paradigms
#proactive thinking
#set goals
#encourage good habits to promote successful communication
#lead and influence
#demonstrate empathy
Activities: 5
Started: 49
Completed playlist: 9
Time to complete: 3 hours 45 minutes


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