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#3 Move your ass


#3 Move your ass



Do you want to eliminate unnecessary issues, be guided by self-confidence and by planning? And do you want to know that you are on the right track? Then move your ass and grow your proactivity attitude and skills. Being Proactive is about taking responsibility for your life. When proactive, then you are not blaming everything on someone else. Proactive people recognise that they are “response-able.” They focus on solutions instead of the problem.

How to grow your proactivity attitude and skills?
  1. Anticipate and take action: When in the area where you live you are upset about the trash at the street, take action and daily get 3 items of trash from the street to throw them away properly. Perhaps you can even start a community via social media in your area that is doing the same?
  2. Embrace your responsibility and influence: Everybody has influence on something and someone, on a big or a small scale. Be bold and use it.
  3. Participate actively: When taking part in something, do it with the best you have in you. 
  4. Hold yourself accountable: When something goes wrong, even when it was not your responsibility, think about where you could have contributed to let it be a success. 
  5. Surround yourself with the right people: Everybody needs a group of people around them with different personalities and skills to get feedback, smart solutions, strength when you need it, knowledge about that which you don’t know yourself. And be a role model and critical friend yourself for the ones around you.
  6. Focus on solutions: When you focus on something, you will go towards that direction. When you want to meet the chief of education from your region, then think about ways to get that meeting done. And if you brainstorm with the right people about the how, it’s sure that you will find several solutions.
  7. Put yourself in other men's shoes to see their perspectives: When organising an activity, step in the shoes of the people who join. What would they need to know, what will they expect, what do they need, what is their background, etc.? What do you learn from this to organise your activity?
  8. When you go through a failure, check out what you can learn from it: Failure is not the same as failing. People who have achieved a lot, have made many mistakes and learned from them. It gave them knowledge, experience and skills. So when you feel miserable about something where you made a mistake, think about what you have learned from it.
Circle of Influence

The Circle of Influence is the area where you can actually make changes. It will help you to use your energy there where it will be effective and useful. And this will help you in becoming proactive and be the best version of yourself. By recognising what your circle of influence is, you can also support others in recognising theirs. And prevent being in the Circle of Concern where you don’t have influence. The Circle of Concern is the place where you start to feel hopeless, angry, frustrated. When you focus on your Circle of Influence you need to accept who you are, with the good and the less fortunate character treats that you have. When you realise who you are, you can start focussing at becoming the person that you want to be, by letting your Circle of Influence grow.


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Move your ass Get this badge

The holder of this badge has been working on Growing mindset, a belief in one’s and others’ potential to continuously learn and progress (specifically L1.1 Awareness of and confidence in one’s owns and others abilities to learn, improve and achieve with work and dedication)

This badge is part of the LifeComp, the European framework for Personal, Social and Learning to Learn Key Competence.

The holder of this badge has taken action to start an initiative in the neighbourhood, being inspired by the 8 proactivity attitudes and skills. Created an overview of the best possibilities to have influence and focussed at that.

The holder has been working at achieving something for their city by being proactive and looking at their circle of influence. How the holder of this badge worked on these skills can be seen in the evidence in this badge. International youth workers have assessed the completed tasks.
You have to finish all tasks to get the badge
Task no. 1
Evidence verified by: One activity organiser
Describe something that you want to achieve for your city or region. It doesn’t have to be a big event, it can be something very small. While describing, be inspired by the 8 proactivity attitudes and skills (Anticipate and take action; Embrace your responsibility and influence; Participate actively; Hold yourself accountable; Surround yourself with the right people; Focus on solutions; Put yourself in other man's shoes to see their perspectives; When you go through a failure, check out what you can learn from it).
Task no. 2
Evidence verified by: One activity organiser
Use the worksheet Circle of influence. Put your description from task 1 in the center. Then put everybody and everything who is involved and where you have influence in the bigger circle. Then in the outer circle you put everything that you don’t have influence at. 
Talk with your peers about your circle of influence. Do they have recommendations? Do they think you have more influence than you thought yourself?
Now take action and make the step to start with achieving what you want to achieve.



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