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Emotion regulation


Emotion regulation



Emotion regulation is one of the most challenging tasks we do every day. It's a skill that takes many years to develop reliably, and yet it seems like an essential part of living and having relationships in our modern world.

But why is emotional regulation so important? Emotion regulation aims to reduce destructive emotional patterns while promoting healthy emotional development. Watch the following videos to learn about things like the Universe of emotions and the fact that humans are able to experience around 34,000 different emotions! So, though understanding all those unique emotions is difficult, we can learn to identify the major emotions and act accordingly. The worksheet for this topic will give you an opportunity to test your knowledge of recognizing emotions and equip you with some helpful emotion regulation methods.

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This badge is issued for learning and thinking about emotion regulation as one of the core parts of emotional intelligence. 
Owners of this badge demonstrate the ability to apply various techniques to cope with troubling emotions in a healthy, effective way. As well as explore ways to reflect on triggers and automatic responses before reacting to a situation.
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Follow steps to start recognizing and regulating your emotions.
Upload the filled-in worksheet. Share your thoughts on the following questions:
1. What new things did you learn in this activity that you would like to implement in your everyday life?
2. What was the surprising/challenging part of the worksheet?



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