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Validation and recognition of 21st century skills


Validation and recognition of 21st century skills



Validation and recognition of 21st century skills for adult education programmes

The project 21st skills for adult in Cities of Learning has introduced the Cities of Learning platform into several new communities: Ghent and Hoogstraten (Belgium), West Brabant, Region Rijnland, Island Curacao (Kingdom of The Netherlands), and Lisbon (Portugal).
Cities of Learning promotes open, accessible and inclusive learning to all.

This project idea takes place in the context of digitalisation of societies, which is now additionally accelerated by the lockdowns due to the pandemic crisis. Common challenge is the lack of adult education programmes oriented towards competences and skills needed to thrive today and in the future. That’s where the 21st century skills idea originates.

We refer in this project to 21st century skills, which we see as a broad set of knowledge, skills, work habits and character qualities for people in ensuring well-being, civic engagement and employment. This set of skills also include digital skills and literacies necessary to harness the digital transformation. Through the work in Cities of Learning context and also the international adult education context, we are combining frameworks for 21st century skills that are recognised on world wide and on national levels: E.g. DigComp 2.0, nationally used working skills (can be different per partner country), and the World Economic Forum Top 10 skills in demand for 2022.

During the project 21st skills for adult in Cities of Learning project partners will map best practices in validation and recognition of the 21st century skills in participating countries, in other countries in Europe and the world. The 21st century skills are skills such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, information literacy, media literacy, technology literacy, flexibility, leadership, initiative, productivity, social and cross-cultural skills, learning to learn, digital literacy, problem solving, and creativity.

Partners of this project will create unique skills assessment, validation and recognition pathways for adult education programmes focused on 21st century skills development, which will be developed respecting different perspectives of organisational roles and countries.

During this project we want to extend the possibilities of digital technology to improve transparency and recognition of skills, in our case 21st century skills. We want to develop the skills assessment and competency frameworks functionalities and integrate them in the platform for Cities of Learning. The assessment functionality will enable learning providers and learners to use a 360° assessment system which will combine self-assessment, external feedback from other learners, mentors and supervisors. The 360° assessment system will be based around a specific competence model chosen by the learning provider. The competence model can be aligned to a specific qualification framework or occupational standard.

Results of this project will be:
  • Webinar recordings and a comprehensive report with good practices of validating and recognising 21st century skills developed through adult education programmes.
  • Guidelines for validation and recognition of 21st century skills in adult education programmes.
  • Validation and recognition pathways designed, tested and created for selected adult education programmes implemented by the project partners.
  • Technical solutions to implement assessment and recognition of 21st century skills using the platform of Cities of Learning.
  • Impact on learning and recognition of adult learners to improve their opportunities for 21st century skills validation and recognition.

This playlist has been developed to support project partners and local organisations
  • To exchange best practices of 21st century skills validation and recognition in participating countries.
  • To identify specific needs and opportunities to validate and recognise 21st century skills in adult education programmes implemented by partners.
  • To learn how to design validation and recognition pathways using Cities of Learning platform.
  • To build working relations between members of the partner organisations.

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21st Century skills for adult education
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