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Future makers. Lead your learning, civic and career pathways to the future.


Future makers. Lead your learning, civic and career pathways to the future.



Today, young people - perhaps like you - have a broad view of life. You know the world of work is changing fast. Digital transformations, automation, climate change, remote work and the gig economy are changing the world of work and have an impact on our personal and civic life (explore more megatrends). A lifelong career no longer looks natural and attractive because life is full of choices and opportunities.

You can also choose from a variety of learning paths that stretch beyond school. Your phone connects you with educators and mentors, learning opportunities and communities around the planet. You can join these opportunities for five minutes or five days and start another of your learning adventures or another work project.

  • How can you take advantage of all this?
  • How will you build your work and learning path to the skills and income you need to achieve your life goals?
  • How will your chosen learning, career and civic path prepare you for a future that can offer anything?

Now, young people around the world are developing new, experiential learning, career and civic paths. They are innovators of their future.

The Institute for the Future has interviewed 60 young people in 6 cities worldwide and created 9 future personas that embody these people’s stories.

Now is your time!

Meet these people from the future. Discover what skills, strategies and learning resources enable these people to be successful in the future. Get inspiration from their stories and build your personal learning and career path - wide enough for everything you want to do and achieve.

To test your readiness for the future and develop the necessary skills strategically, do the following:
  • assess how much your characteristics and behaviour patterns coincide with the prototypes of lead learners;
  • name the future skills that seem most important to you;
  • choose people who inspire you from the future;
  • compare your skillset with personas from the future, look into strategies and resources used to build learning, civic and career pathways;
  • name your growth strategy as future innovators.

Complete all the activities offered in this learning playlist. Upload your results and thoughts on future skills to collect activity badges. Unlock the top-level badge in this playlist. Check the endorsement section of this badge to learn what you can unlock by presenting this badge to the Network of Cities of Learning partners.

Watch this video and thin which purposeful pathway you want to take in the future.

Source: TEDx Talks

The Network of Cities of Learning offers this learning pathway within the capacity-building project ‘Youth co-design learning, civic and career pathways’. We are grateful to the EU’s Erasmus+ Programme for co-funding support for this project.

Global Youth Skills by the Institute for the Future
Cover image: Photo by Zuzanna Adamczyk on Unsplash

Activities to complete

Complete the following activities, earn badges and you will see your playlist progress updated
Future makers: are you ready?
20 minutes
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The Institute for the Future’s Global Youth Skills research offers nine archetypes from the future. Select the most inspiring future role model(s) and review their capacity:
  • What resources does your fictional counterpart from the future use to build the best performance?
  • Do you have access to the same resources? Can you get access to them?
  • Do you have other resources that your chosen archetype doesn’t have?

Plan your future learning, civic and career pathway following these steps:

1. Start naming resources that are most important for your future learning, civic and career choices.

Incentives: What motivates you on your path? For example, experiences, accomplishments, people.
People and places: Who can help you to achieve your goals and where can you find them? For example, online communities, mentoring programmes, interest groups.
Credentials: What are the ways for you to demonstrate and get recognition of your skills? For example, earning badges to unlock new opportunities, completing the online course to get certificates, win awards and prizes.
Learning content and sources: What learning materials can help you know what you need to know and where can you access them? For example, watching videos, completing online courses, listening to podcasts, following blogs and experts, participating in workshops.
Infrastructure: What tools and platforms can you use to realise your pathway? For example, promoting your ideas and what you are good at on social media and professional networks, managing your activities using digital tools and platforms, organising your learning and work online.
Standards: How will you know that you have succeeded? For example, using competence and skills models to self-assess your learning and growth, evaluating the impact of your civic engagement, matching your profile with job and work requirements of the selected industry or field.

2. Then, in your chosen field, highlight the vital skills you can already use to build your learning, career and civic path. Star the ones you still need to strengthen along the way for the best results.

By making and reviewing your future path in this way, you will discover partners, resources and new ways of learning, career and civic engagement in your future journey. Remember, this is just the beginning - you will be improving your skills all your life.

To get a badge for this activity:
  • think through the different areas of your pathway and identify what you can use already and what you need to add
  • if you have a team, share your results and talk about them;
  • upload a photo, print screen or document with your pathway to the future.

The Network of Cities of Learning offers this learning activity within the capacity-building project ‘Youth co-design learning, civic and career pathways’. We are grateful to the EU’s Erasmus+ Programme for co-funding support for this project.

Global Youth Skills by the Institute for the Future
Cover image: photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash


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Future maker: my path to the future Get this badge

Badge informationEndorsements
This badge is issued to people who have identified resources they have and need to build their future learning, civic and career pathways.

During the review and planning of their future path, people needed to think of the following: incentives, people and places, credentials, learning content and sources, infrastructure and success standards. The activity is built on the Institute for the Future’s Global Youth Skills research.

Holders of this badge have developed their own plan for learning, civic and career pathways that will allow them to build capacity for the future.

The Network of Cities of Learning promotes, offers and endorses this badge.
Task no.1
Evidence verified by: one activity organiser
Use the worksheet to plan your future learning, civic and career pathways. Upload an image, photo, print screen or file with your plan. Share your thoughts on the following questions:
  1. What was the most straightforward/challenging part of this task? What did you discover about yourself?
  2. What do you need to realise your pathway to the future?
  3. How can you realise your path in your city? What opportunities are missing?


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